Here you can find videos of some of the presentations and practices shown at POPP.

Birthe Jorgensen: "Irregular Combatants?"

As an installation artist, I am interested in exploring questions of how sacred and secular spaces are created in materialist times. I try to resist irony as a tactic and instead explore how methods of ‘cutting up’ and improvising may help uncover mechanisms of story formation, thereby opening up/laying bare new territories of action.

Lauren Hayes & Christos Michalakos: Můstek

Můstek is the ongoing collaboration between composer/performers Lauren Sarah Hayes and Christos Michalakos. As PhD candidates in Creative Music Practice at the University of Edinburgh, their research explores methods of augmenting their given acoustic instruments whilst investigating strategies for real-time live electronic performance. Můstek are practitioners of extended instrumental techniques and bespoke digital signal processing, and strive to achieve a mastery over their own individual approaches to augmented instrumental performance.

Můstek @ CCA Glasgow from Christos Michalakos on Vimeo.

Madeleine Campbell: "Translating Mohammed Dib: Performance or Representation?"

The objective of my PhD project is to translate a selection of Algerian poet Mohammed Dib’s francophone prose and poetry.
The practice of translating is both process and outcome, in the sense that it is only through the performance of translation that these questions can be addressed, while the approach taken, once documented and formalized, constitutes a research outcome. In this paper I will provide verses and prose passages from Dib’s work and describe how following up different intertextual, historical or biographical trails has assisted the translation process for different fragments of his work.

Nuala Watt, "Embodied Perception and Poetic From: Visual Impairment as an Aesthetic in Poetry"

Although there is a long history of representing visual impairment in poetry, lived experiences of blindness and partial sight have been insufficiently imagined. Blind figures are often the objects of a non-disabled writer’s gaze. As such they can represent not a unique embodied perspective but social anxiety about bodily difference. This practice can occlude the perspectives of people with visual impairments.
My research reimagines visual impairment as an aesthetic in poetry. Drawing on Merleau-Ponty’s theory of embodied perspective, I examine the influence of partial sight on poetic form. My work casts people with visual impairments as the subjects of poetic thought and practice, questioning cultural links between vision and knowledge, s between biological and artistic vision.

Gerry Smith, "Reductive Forms"

I am a text-based intermedia artist, currently looking at the potential uses of participatory art forms within an endotic research process. Whilst exploring reductive forms, I developed my own punctuation poetry. The main influence on these poems was the work of François Le Lionnais, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Fluxus period Yoko Ono. This poetry emerged out of an on-going process of formal experimentation which played a generative role in my current research.

These poems present the obvious in an unobvious way and are intended to make the viewer question what they are looking at. This paper demonstrates the ways in which the formal experimentation which produced these works continues to have a generative role in my current research.

Susan Fallouh, "Fashioning the Space: Issues Between Modeling and Making"

This paper presents a productive dialogue between textile/garment making and interior architectural design. This is through a case study in which practical investigations aim to transfer tailoring strategy and textile handling methods known to garment making into the process of design and fabrication of a textile-based interior space (eca exhibition stand for graduate fashion students 2012). In other words, how a space may be made in a similar way a garment is. The Investigation’s questions and discussions promoted an understanding of fusion between process and practice.