Training Sessions

Tuesday 20th, 11:30

Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII)

Introduction to Research Data Management

This session will introduce participants to the activities and roles involved in research data management. We'll share practical tips for managing your data and profile support available at the University of Glasgow.

Emerging Scholars Session

Life after the PHD

In this session delegates will have the chance to hear of the experiences of emerging scholars in the field of practice-as-research. Most of the session will be in a Q & A format so you will be able to address any questions about tips and tricks for life after postgraduate research to the scholars directly.

Wednesday 21st, 11:40

Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII)

Data management planning

This session will explain how to write a data management plan, as required by key research funders and an increasing number of universities. We'll try out a number of available tools and resources.

Anna Birch

Practice Workshop

Anna Birch will lead a workshop session to explore what practice as research might mean for the emergent and experienced artist. As a theatre director and scholar now Lecturer, Research at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Anna can offer a perspective on the role of the artist, documentation and approaches to archive building. She is interdisciplinary in her approach and develops research practices across dance/ drama and music and screen . She co- convenes the Performance as Research Working Group for the International Federation of Theatre Research which gives her an international perspective in this area. See: , and

Network Launch
Wednesday 21st, 17:15

At the end of POPP we invite the delegates to take over. We would like to hear what you would like from a postgraduate research network and encourage suggestions for future events. We also hope that this event will prompt the formation of a committee for POPP 2013.