Processes, Outcomes, Pathways and Products (POPP): A Scottish Practice-as-Research Symposium
20th and 21st of November 2012

POPP is an interdisciplinary symposium for postgraduate students and early career researchers in the Arts and Humanities who use practice-as-research methods in Scotland. The symposium will take place on the 20th and 21st November 2012 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow. During this a formal peer-led research network with an online home will be launched. The event aims to reach beyond the traditional conference format by emphasising research training and opportunities to share practice. Research can be presented through papers and practice demonstrations which might include installations, performances, readings, exhibitions of artworks or maps, concerts, workshops or any similar formats.

This conference seeks to contribute to the method of practice-as-research beyond disciplinary boundaries. As such contributions are welcomed from fields including but not limited to Theatre and Performance Studies, Art History, Creative Writing, Translation Studies, Education, Interpretation, Film Studies, Anthropology, Music and Sonic Arts, Architecture, Geography, Cartography, Ethnology, Archaeology, Design, Journalism, Publishing, Curating and Museum Studies and Archiving.

Alongside the presentation of research projects, POPP will offer training workshops to attendees. Confirmed workshops include a creative training workshop with Anna Birch from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, workshops lead by the Humanities Advanced Technology & Information Institute (HATII) of the University of Glasgow and an Emerging Scholars Forum. Following the event there will be the opportunity to continue conversations on our Wikispaces site: . This site will also be used to document the symposium.

Call for submissions of either
  • 20-minute research papers
  • Presentations of practice

  • The researcher must be affiliated with a Scottish institution.
  • Practice must have a formal research element and be situated within the academy.

Suggested questions and topics
Questions and topics might include:
  • Is practice a research process or a research outcome?
  • What is the difference between practice-based research, practice as research and practice-led research?
  • How do we speak about our practice and our research? Do we need two different voices to speak of these? Or one new voice?
  • How does practice generate theorising and vice versa, what kind of knowledge results from practice-as-research?
  • What are the epistemological foundations of practice-as-research?
  • Does the framework of presentation affect the practice? If we present work as ‘art’ or as ‘research’, does it change?
  • Can the practice-based researcher rely on the audience “getting/seeing it”?
  • Practice as experiment - is there space for failure?
  • Documentation and the archive
  • What is the difference between practice-as-research and fieldwork?
  • What role does the participant-observer and embodied knowledge play?
  • How is practice-as-research assessed, institutionalised and disseminated?
  • Is research produced by practice valued in the academy?
  • Pedagogies of practice: how do we teach practice-as-research?
  • Where are the borders and what are the differences between practice-as-research in the Arts / Humanities and the Sciences?
  • In what ways does practice as research forge relations with areas outside the academy?
  • How does practice as research impact outside the academy: practitioners, communities, industries?
  • Further suggestions of areas not covered by the above points are welcome.

Please submit
An abstract of the paper or practice presentation of up to 250 words.
If you are proposing a piece of practice, please include a description of how the practice sits within your research. Please include detailed information (not included in the word count) on technical and spatial requirements. Where practice is time-based the recommended length is under 60 minutes.
You can submit entries for both written and practical work if you wish, but we cannot guarantee to have space for both.
Please indicate which institution you are affiliated with.

Our facilities
We will have space available for performances, films, installations, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and readings. If your practice falls outside these parameters, then please suggest how we could accommodate your work. Limited technical provision will be available and so we encourage submissions with minimal technical requirements.
There will be Q & A sessions following paper panels and practical presentations.

Please submit your abstract by the 10th of August 2012 to